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Breast Cancer, Live to Tell

This project first started off with the intention to help women and their families cope with the disease.

I checked the internet to see what was being done and I found a movement called “Rosa Esperança”. They had a beautiful piece on breast cancer where the actors were seven women victim of the disease – and their husbands. What a beautiful concept, and what a beautiful play, as I had the chance to testify. I drove off to Rio Maior where the play was taking place and meet the director. Soon I was making friends with Rui Germano, the director, and together we started roaming the country to photograph women victim of this disease. No later the news were out and calls were showering from all parts of Portugal. This was great news!

I ended up photographing 100 women victims of breast cancer, both close friends and women that I had never seen before and with whom I became good friends. I also had the chance to meet their husbands and other family members. The photo sessions were pretty relaxed and at the end we always had cake, wine and a good laugh.

What a beautiful journey this project turned out to be! A lesson in love, a lesson in humility, a lesson in forgiveness, a lesson in strength, a lesson about life.

As far as I’m concerned, projects are “elastic”, they adapt and can change and often gain new dynamics. And this project, Live to Tell, did not test the rule. It didn’t take long for me to feel the need to record these women’s testimonies and film a documentary (don’t forget to follow me for I will soon share a link with a 10mn presentation of the documentary)

To help fund this project I started a petition.

The project consists of a Photographic Campaign, a Photographic Exhibition, a Book with the portraits of the 100 women victims of Breast Cancer and a Documentary with their testimonies.

Why is the petition important?
The number of women dying with breast cancer is devastating. But the majority of these deaths can be avoided. My intention is to raise public awareness both to the need of prevention through self-touch and medical tracing – it saves lives – and the love of family members and close friends – it also saves lives! Breast cancer is a huge blow on a woman’s self esteem and the love of their partners, family and friends is crucial to overcome the fears and win the fight.
I hope my message and the testimony of the victims will help save lives. Love is a very powerful and crucial tool.
The project “Breast Cancer, Live to Tell” stands for a message of hope, a message of love, the voice of the victims of the disease.

With your help we can make this happen. Be the change you want to see.


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