Street Portraits

The project Street Portraits is about people. And you and me.

People… they’re everywhere!

9- _MG_4498.jpg

We hit traffic, people driving cars.  We go to the supermarket, people shopping. We go to the doctor, people reading magazines in the waiting room. The list  of examples is endless. We even meet people in our dreams! There’s no escape from us!

But, how often do we really see them? How often do we pay attention to the person sitting beside us on the bus? We may acknowledge there’s somebody or something sitting or occupying the seat beside us but do we really see them?

Most of the time we are too busy to pay attention. Too much information, too much publicity, too many ideas, too many thoughts.

At times we exchange glances with a stranger, we smile and the day goes by almost unnoticed, with a feeling of deep peace and happiness. That meeting triggered something. Perhaps a lost memory. It touched that something that lies beyond immediate recognition, awakening a feeling that needs no definition.

I’m a wanderluster and street photographer. Passionate about traveling and meeting new people from different cultures, different beliefs, different ways of thinking and reacting. And we learn from one another, either by experience or by attentive observation.

All the people that I photograph become a part of me. We are part of a matrix that we can only start to grasp. Maybe if we start paying attention to the person that is beside us life can move smoothly and more love oriented. Acknowledging the other is acknowledging me.

Street Photography is my way of surrendering to the idea that we are never alone, that we are part of a matrix where whatever we do influences others.



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