Stripping down… Castelo de Vide


Scouting Portugal on my bike has been a marvellous adventure. Sometimes I imagine I am Don Quixote de la Mancha riding the fields searching for new adventures to prove his bravery to his beloved Dulcinea. Other times – most of the time, really… – the riding and the landscape take over and occupy all of my thoughts, which basically means that I’m in heaven. My mind simply shuts down. Quoting Sri Nisagardatta Maharaj, “you need nothing to be happy, but you need something to be unhappy”…  Continue reading “Stripping down… Castelo de Vide”

Stripping down… Cabedelo


I’m still shooting for Inatel, a campaign and a book to celebrate its 75 years. This time the plan is to visit Cabedelo’s camping park.

As a wanderluster and motorbike lover I prefer to ride my motorbike as often as possible, and this project has given me the perfect opportunity to scout Portugal on my bike! And Portugal has a very diverse landscape, from beautiful coastal roads, beautiful national roads (and motorways) crossing the mountains, interior roads cutting its way through old villages…  Continue reading “Stripping down… Cabedelo”

Stripping down… Bragança

Stripping down… Bragança

Bragança 03 IMG_0053.jpg

I arrive in Bragança late in the evening. 3 passengers, the pilot and the co-pilot. The small airport was empty. A taxi was supposed to pick me up. A digital clock on the wall says that I’m late. I don’t have the driver’s number to call. I don’t even know where I’m sleeping as I went to photograph the camping park. I’m shooting a campaign for INATEL Foundation, to celebrate the 75 years of the Foundation.

The bar is closed. The airport is closing. I ask the woman that is locking the doors if she can give me a ride to the town centre as she owns the only car in the parking lot. Continue reading “Stripping down… Bragança”