Viena, a cidade da música que conheci


Maio de 2015. Fui a Viena para participar numa exposição colectiva. Uma artista austríaca, vários artistas italianos e eu, fotógrafo português.

Guardava na memória a cidade que visitei há vinte e quatro anos atrás, na companhia dos meus pais, pela celebração dos duzentos anos da morte de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Desta vez, sozinho, misturei-me com os locais e aceitei os inúmeros convites que a cidade me proporcionou.  Continue reading “Viena, a cidade da música que conheci”


Live to Tell 04.jpg

Breast Cancer, Live to Tell

This project first started off with the intention to help women and their families cope with the disease.

I checked the internet to see what was being done and I found a movement called “Rosa Esperança”. They had a beautiful piece on breast cancer where the actors were seven women victim of the disease – and their husbands. What a beautiful concept, and what a beautiful play, as I had the chance to testify. I drove off to Rio Maior where the play was taking place and meet the director. Soon I was making friends with Rui Germano, the director, and together we started roaming the country to photograph women victim of this disease. No later the news were out and calls were showering from all parts of Portugal. This was great news! Continue reading “BREAST CANCER, LIVE TO TELL”


Motels and one-night-stands didn’t always carry a bitter taste.


Originally, a one-night stand was a single theatre performance, usually by a guest performer on tour, as opposed to an ongoing engagement. Today, however, the term is more commonly applied to a single sexual encounter, an example of casual sex, in which neither participant has any intention or expectation of a long-term sexual or romantic relationship.

Continue reading “One-Night-Stand”

Villa O’Higgins, a straight story 

16-arielaJust another place on my way to “the end of the world”, my final destination.
A door between rooms. A far-off village so small and with so few people that one labels it straight away as a non-interesting place. Far was I from knowing that this apparently shallow remote village would be the highlight of my trip. That’s how prone we are to judge.
The bus driver that took us there told us of a clean and cheap hostel to stay. That’s how I met Ariela.